Today's Reality

by Blackmail

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released December 2, 2014

Recorded at Revolver Sound Studio by Zsolt Ferencz. Mixed and mastered by Konsta Vehkala at Grind Cellar.



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Blackmail Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Intro + Riot
Have you ever felt that you’ve had enough?
Serving an empire it’s bloody hard
Even to try makes me cry
Boundaries everywhere
Struggling every day

A little air of being alive
Is better than just waiting to die
I’m not pulling your leg,
Put your fears in bed
Come on my friend
Let’s paint the town black
Track Name: The Guy Fawkes Day
Republicans are red
Democrats are blue
Neither of them
Gives a fuck about you
You live your life
What is based on lies

I want to hear your decision
Without your television


Observe how they control
The rage what I can’t control

On the end
You always fall
Between two stools
That’s the citizen’s rule
Never forget
Never forgive
Always celebrate
The Guy Fawkes Day
Track Name: Herd
Feeling sick of the herd what you call humanity
What we are able to do would change the reality

We can’t see
The forest from the tree
We are buried our head
Into the deep of the sand

The strongest impulse is to survive
With this attitude you just commit suicide

All of you should be buried alive

We will abandon this Earth
So You can keep digging through your own dirt
Track Name: Shameless happiness
This light, so bright
Can’t close my eyes
Hypocritical face
Just scratching the surface
Where are we running?
Feelings so strained
Safe under routine
To get things better be
Years gone so far, when you realise
Your soul belongs to paradise

Fake love
Missplaced desire
Boast and self-righteousness
Shameless happiness
Track Name: Today's reality
Today’s reality big house no family
Lots of human beings but less humanity

No future
No dignity
Today’s reality
Rest in peace

More education but less common sense
Advanced medicine but poor health

Touched the moon but neighbours unknown
Good knowledge but less wisdom
High income but less peace of mind
High IQ but less emotion